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The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures After Weight Loss

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Thu 05/16/2019 - 22:53
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It is surprising to many people the amount of loose skin they must contend with after significant weight loss. Because a lack of elasticity will prevent their skin from draping tightly over less underlying tissue, several individuals consider plastic surgery procedures which will recontour and firm up their body.

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Fasching offers multiple body contouring procedures which are useful in delivering a firmer, more shapely body outline free from sagging skin tissue.

It is common for patients to need help in removing excess skin after weight loss, pregnancy or bariatric surgery. Although diet and exercise is a healthy lifestyle choice which will help tone muscle and maintain a healthy weight, they do nothing to deal with the problem of excess skin. The purpose of this post is to explain what body contouring procedures are available to our patients who have undergone significant weight loss and need relief from hanging skin.

Body Lift

The most common target areas of a body lift include the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. The surgery is designed to provide a slimmer, more attractive physique. The procedure eliminates excess skin and fat deposits in these target areas. Liposuction may be done concurrently to enhance results. Many consider a body lift as an extended tummy tuck to recontour the space between the chest and the knees.

Patients who lose a substantial amount of weight are often ecstatic about their new look. This change in their body shape has multiple benefits for their overall health and self-esteem. A consequence, however, is the heavy folds of skin which can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Although they are much lighter and the fat is gone, the excess skin can become a burden.

Patients who consider a body lift include those who:

  • Have excess skin on the buttocks, thighs or abdomen
  • Deal with discomfort because of excess skin
  • Have trouble finding clothes which fit comfortable because of heavy skin folds
  • Wish to complete their weight loss journey

Dr. Fasching removes circumferential skin from the flanks, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Additional procedures may be done concurrently depending on the individual needs of the patient.

Recovery for a body lift involves compression garments and bandages to be worn throughout the recovery process. Returning to your daily routine may take a few weeks with restraining from strenuous activities for approximately six weeks.

While it may take several weeks to recover from the effects of the surgery, your results will be an improvement to your overall body contour. A slimmer midsection and being able to wear whatever, whenever you want will improve your quality of life.

Thigh Lift

The thighs are especially difficult to tone, more so when there are stubborn pockets of fat which refuses to leave even after your best weight loss efforts. A thigh lift can tighten and shrink this problem area, making your legs shapelier and pleasantly appealing.

One of the more common complaints after massive weight loss is the amount of hanging skin along the inner thigh. This area has less skin elasticity than other parts of the body making this region susceptible to sagging skin, especially after bariatric surgery. This problem prevents a patient from wearing clothing which reveals their thighs like bathing suits, shorts or tight athletic wear.

A thigh lift is designed to remove excess skin from the inner thigh. It may be performed as a standalone procedure or done concurrently with a breast reduction, breast lift, mommy makeover or liposuction. We rarely advise a tummy tuck done simultaneously because each procedure pulls the skin in opposite directions causing a delay in healing.

Recovery from a thigh lift includes staying home for at least two weeks to allow your body to heal. During that first week, you will need to limit your movements. Needless to say, you will need help to achieve everyday chores like taking care of the children, preparing meals, and performing routine tasks. You can manage any bruising or swelling by periodically applying icepacks to the area. This practice will also help manage any discomfort. While you should avoid strenuous activity, you should walk comfortably around the house soon after surgery to promote healing. Compression garments should be worn until instructed otherwise. After a couple of weeks, you will be able to resume light activities. You will enjoy complete results approximately six weeks after surgery.


A tummy tuck can do more than alter your appearance. It can increase your self-confidence and change the way you interact with the world around you. Dr. Fasching uses his skill in expertise in abdominoplasty to:

  • Address any aesthetic imperfections which occur after pregnancy, weight loss or aging
  • Improve body contour and self-esteem
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Sculpt and tone the abdomen
  • Eliminate large folds of skin

Don’t feel self-conscience about your body because of excess skin and fat around your midsection. Dr. Fasching offers abdominoplasty to give you a tummy you can be proud of in any outfit or swimwear.

Abdominoplasty is a highly customizable cosmetic procedure which is tailored to meet your individual needs and aesthetic concerns. With a traditional tummy tuck, Dr. Fasching addresses the abdominal area from the chest down to the pubic area. This procedure strengthens the abdominal wall while eliminating excess fat and skin. A modified version known as a partial or mini-tummy tuck addresses excess skin below the navel only.

The traditional or full tummy tuck is the more intense procedure and will require a more extended recovery period. Plan to stay home for a minimum of two weeks as you heal. During this period you will need help around the house with everyday household chores. The mini-tummy tuck requires a less extensive recovery with most patients able to resume regular duties after two days. Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least four weeks to ensure proper healing.


For patients who avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and strapless dresses because they’re embarrassed by flabby arms, an arm lift may be worth their consideration. Many women and men find their arms impossible to sculpt. No matter the amount of training in a gym, the layers of loose skin and excess fat remains. Dr. Fasching shapes upper arms into slender, toned contours giving these individuals the athletic arms they have been working hard to achieve. Brachioplasty (arm lift) is an ideal cosmetic procedure for patients who:

  • Are trying to sculpt their arms by physical training with little success
  • Have sagging upper arm tissues because of weight loss, congenital factors or the aging process
  • Are embarrassed to wear sleeveless blouses or spaghetti strap outfits

Suitable candidates for an arm lift are those individuals whose weight is stable and close to normal. The procedure requires approximately two to three weeks downtime to allow your body to heal correctly. During recovery, there may be some swelling, bruising and discomfort which can be managed with oral medications. Patients should avoid physical activity and strenuous exercise for about six weeks.

Breast Lift

Another consequence for women after weight loss or pregnancy is a loss of breast volume and elevation. When breasts start to droop because of these life events, a breast lift can rejuvenate a youthful appearance and restore feminine self-esteem. Women who seek aesthetic help with a breast lift:

  • Have nipples which point downward
  • Wish to achieve a youthful breast contour
  • Have large areolas and nipples
  • Have lost significant breast volume
  • Have sagging and loose breast skin

When a woman’s breast begin to drop and lose their youthful contours, it can impact a woman’s self-confidence and femininity. Board-certified plastic surgeons are highly trained specialists who can restore those firm, perky breasts which most women strive to achieve.

If breast volume has sufficiently been compromised or you simply want to increase breast size, Dr. Fasching can combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. This combination involves advanced breast implant technology to give a woman the breasts she desires. He can customize the procedure to the patient’s body type and aesthetic goals.

Combining breast surgery with a tummy tuck after pregnancy is the most common combination of a mommy makeover. Although other procedures are possible to address cosmetic concerns after childbearing and breastfeeding, these are the areas where most mothers seek correction.


The human body stores fat in certain places which diet and exercise ignore. Areas like the flanks, back, abdomen and hips seem to attract unwanted fat bulges which prevent many people from achieving the body outline they have been working hard to realize. Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure which eliminates target fat with precision to sculpt the body to the desired outcome.

It is the most popular of all aesthetic surgeries worldwide and in the Minneapolis area as well. Dr. Fasching offers various liposuction techniques to tailor the operation to the individual needs of each patient. These include the tradition liposuction technique, tumescent liposuction, and ultrasound assisted liposuction.

These options will provide our patients with the best result found anywhere in the Minneapolis area and beyond. Although liposuction is surgery, it is less invasive than most cosmetic operations and has a less intense recovery as well.


Another area which we should consider after significant weight loss is the face. Facial contours may descend with skin becoming stretched causing folds and jowls. A facelift will reposition underlying tissues (SMAS), lift soft facial tissues (subperiosteal lift), or elevate facial tissue in one contentious area (deep plane lift). Dr. Fasching will consul you on the proper technique for your unique situation.

A facelift involves at least one week of downtime. You can return to normal activities approximately two weeks after surgery. It will rejuvenate your facial beauty taking at least a decade off your appearance.

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With multiple procedures available to improve body contours and eliminate excess skin after weight loss, the choice between them may seem daunting. To understand which procedures are best suited for your unique situation it is best to seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Their training and experience combined with continuing education ensures they will be proficient in the latest and most proven techniques and protocols.

Dr. Michael Fasching has over 20 years’ experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon and serves the people of Minneapolis by helping them achieve their cosmetic goals, safely and efficiently. Schedule a consultation with him today to learn how he can improve your body contour after significant weight loss.

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