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Breast Implant Revision in Minneapolis & St. Paul

For various reasons, some women wish to remove or replace their breast implants at some point following breast augmentation surgery. Many of these women visit leading St. Paul / Minneapolis breast augmentation revision surgeon, Dr. Fasching for help in achieving their desired appearance. By switching out saline implants for silicone, replacing a ruptured implant, removing implants altogether or making some other change to a woman’s breast implants, Dr. Fasching can help his patients regain the bustline they desire and experience renewed self-confidence.

Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation

The primary reason women undergo revision breast augmentation is that they wish they had received larger implants during their initial surgery. Other reasons for revision breast surgery include the desire to replace implant types (silicone for saline, or vice versa), to replace textured implants with smooth implants (or vice versa) or to adjust the location of the implants.

Other reasons for revision breast augmentation include complications with a previous procedure, such as an implant that is not filled correctly or has become deflated due to rupture. One common reason for revision surgery is a complication known as capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the hardening of the breast tissue around an implant, which causes breast stiffness. Although capsular contracture can often be treated with medication and massage, a repeat surgery is sometimes required in order to remove the implant and scar tissue. Other medical complications that may lead to revision breast surgery include infection, blood clots or fluid under the skin.

In many instances, the patient was satisfied with the breast surgery at the time it was done but has become dissatisfied due to changes over time. For example, some women who have become pregnant or lost a large amount of weight following breast enhancement may find that their breasts have begun to sag despite the presence of implants.

The Breast Revision Consultation with Dr. Fasching

Prior to performing breast implant revision surgery, Dr. Fasching conducts a comprehensive one-on-one consultation with each patient. Patients who received their initial surgery from a different surgeon should be sure to bring their medical records to the meeting so that Dr. Fasching will be fully informed of the type of implants used, the incision type and the implant placement location. During the consultation, it is essential that the patient explain as clearly as possible the reason for her dissatisfaction and the outcome she hopes to obtain from surgery.

Dr. Fasching will carefully review the patient’s medical records and examine her breast tissue, size and shape as well as her skin quality. Taking into account the patient’s history, his assessment and the patient’s wishes, Dr. Fasching will then develop a treatment plan for the patient’s consideration.

The Breast Revision Surgery Procedure

The breast revision procedure performed will depend on the source of the patient’s dissatisfaction and the intended outcome. In some cases, implants are completely removed. In other instances, the implants are switched with new ones and/or placed in a different location, such as behind the chest muscle (submuscular placement) instead of in front of it (subglandular). The length of surgery, the type of anesthesia used and the incision placement will all depend on the specifics of the case. However, in general, revision breast augmentation tends to be more complex than primary breast augmentation and can therefore take longer.

Breast Implant Removal with En Bloc in Minneapolis, MN

On rare occasions when a patient wants her breast implants removed, it’s essential to find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who offers the safest techniques possible. En Bloc breast implant removal method is a special technique that’s known for its high margin of safety and effectiveness.

In most cases of breast augmentation, tissue develops around the implant creating a “capsule.” This is a typical body response whenever a foreign object is inserted into the body and sometimes the capsule can cause complications with the breast implant. The en bloc breast implant removal procedure may be required to remove the implant and the capsule entirely, allowing Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon Dr Fasching to create a new, healthier pocket for a new implant or breast lift with or without implants.

Recovery from Revision Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Recovery from revision breast augmentation surgery is similar to the process of recovery from primary breast augmentation surgery. The patient will experience pain and swelling. Pain can be managed with medication, and swelling should begin to subside after a few days. Due to sensitivity, physical contact should be avoided for a few weeks. Patients should be able to return to work within one week and resume exercising after a few weeks.

As with all surgeries, there are risks associated with breast augmentation revision, including infection, anesthesia complications, bleeding, implant rupture and capsular contracture. It may even be necessary to undergo an additional surgery to correct the revision surgery. Be sure to speak with Dr. Fasching about the risks of your particular breast enhancement revision procedure prior to agreeing to surgery.