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Make This Your Year! How to Plan for Your Breast Augmentation

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Mon 01/22/2018 - 21:48

Revealing attire is a rare sight this winter, but this doesn’t stop women from thinking about how they will look in their summer wardrobe during the warmer months. Although bikini weather isn’t looming, winter is the most popular time for breast augmentation surgery in Minneapolis.

And here’s why:

The Fashion is Right

Scarves, sweaters, and overcoats – oh my! Layers are great for the first few weeks after breast surgery. Your options are endless to bundle up during the cold weather to hide any evidence you had surgery. Any bruising, swelling or surgical garments will be well tucked beneath your winter wardrobe, away from the prying eyes of friends, family, and co-workers. It will be your secret if you wish!

Netflix Binge Watching Rules in Winter

Recovery from breast augmentation requires rest and staying out of direct sunlight, allowing your body to heal properly. During the winter months, it’s more convenient to stay indoors when the temperatures are well below freezing.

With the holiday events in the rearview mirror and social gatherings at a minimum, this is the best time to recover with your favorite afghan, six seasons of Downton Abbey and a marathon of The Black List!

You Will Kill Bikini Season

Winter does tend to shut us inside for long periods. Initially, the cozy fireplace with hot chocolate and a snowy scene out the window can seem rather pleasant. Then the temperatures dip below zero for four days, and freezing rain slows your evening commute. This is a good time to look ahead.

Think of being on a warm beach or at your favorite poolside wearing a swimsuit that draws all the attention. Your confidence is high, and you love the way you look with your new breasts.

The primary reason women choose breast augmentation is they are not satisfied with how their breasts look. They want them bigger, firmer, or perkier! They want to look stunning in their swimwear and summer wardrobe.

Planning for breast augmentation now means you will be able to rock the summer months with a youthful, sexy body contour. Breast implants take time to settle in, so, scheduling a consultation now will get the ball rolling so you can take the summer by storm!

Things to Consider

Okay, now that you’re thinking about the benefits of breast enhancement, it’s time to consider the important decisions you must make to prepare properly for breast augmentation. Here are five big choices you and your surgeon must make:

  • Breast Implants Size
  • Choosing silicone or saline implants
  • Breast Implant shape – round or teardrop
  • Breast Implant surface – smooth or textured
  • Incision Placement

Breast Implant Size

When you consider your breast implant size, you should forget about thinking in cup size. Women think in cup sizes because that’s how they buy their bras. When patients are explaining their goals for breast augmentation, we often hear, “I want a C-cup.” However, when considering breast implant size, patients should consider the entire picture.

Implant sizes come in cubic centimeters (cc) not cup size. Also, the best results for comfort and appearance are implants that suit your body type. The main determinate in choosing implant size should be how they fit with the rest of your body.

Manufacturers make breast implants with different content, volume, shape, and surface texture.   Choosing the right implant is critical for successful results. Dr. Fasching will use his vast experience as a breast augmentation surgeon to help you choose the perfect implant based on your body type and desired goals. Here is what you will discuss with him during your initial visit:

  • Physical activity and lifestyle
  • Amount and volume of underlying breast tissue.
  • Sagging and drooping of existing breast (ptosis)
  • Your breast augmentation goals
  • Existing breast size and shape
  • Body size, shape, and height

You will have the opportunity to look, touch and sample the various implants available to you. This process is the most effective way to choose which breast implant is best for you and how you will look after the procedure.

Choosing Silicone or Saline

Silicone and saline implants each have their advantages that can provide optimal breast augmentation results.

Saline breast implants are made with a silicone shell designed for filling with a saline solution after placement. Because the silicone shell is inserted into the breast area deflated, a smaller incision is required than with the larger silicone implant.

The volume of saline can be calibrated after implantation to ensure desired firmness, and to moderate symmetry, size, and profile. A disadvantage of saline implants is they feel less like natural breast tissue and are at a greater risk to ripple.

Placing the saline implants under the muscle will reduce rippling and allow a more natural feel from the existing tissue.

Silicone breast implants have a more natural feel and look to them than their saline counterparts. They are available in pre-existing sizes so; adjustment is not possible after placement. They have a silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel.

The thickness of the silicone gel is similar to that of natural breast tissue and can vary from a softer to a firmer implant density. Gummy bear breast implants are implants made of a dense silicone gel. The material is firm, resulting in a semi-solid form. They are nicknamed “gummy bears” because, when cut, they adhere just like the gummy bear candy.

Breast Implant shape – round or teardrop

Teardrop implants or anatomic implants feature a contour designed to mimic the look of the natural breast. This type of breast implant is asymmetric, with a thin upper area which softly slopes into a more round, full base. Most of the implant’s volume resides in the lower portion.

Teardrop implants more commonly have semi-solid gels like the cohesive silicone gel implants or “gummy bear.” This gel is stable and firm, allowing for a consistent teardrop shape while remaining natural to the touch.

Round implants are common and have been around awhile. They are shaped like a circular sphere with complete symmetry. Round implants can be silicone or saline, have a fluid-like consistency, and come in varying degrees of diameters and projections.

Many patients believe teardrop implants look natural because they are pre-shaped in the natural breast contour.  However, round implants can look just as natural once they set because their liquidity allows the filler to settle to the bottom of the implant. It is true that round implants have a more natural flow when shifting positions like sitting or laying down.

Teardrop implants can be a problem if they rotate, whereas round implants have less of a problem because they are a sphere. When round implants rotate, they go unnoticed because their shape remains the same. Not true with a teardrop, which will look unnatural if it rotates or moves.

Breast Implant surface – smooth or textured

Breast implants are available with two surfaces: smooth and textured. The textured surface has a rough sandpaper-like outer layer which provides traction. The smooth surface is unvarying and sleek, a smooth plastic outer layer completely around. Each surface type has advantages and disadvantages which need close consideration.

The Smooth Breast Implants are the more common between the two. They move without drag once placed inside the breast pocket. They have a thinner skin than textured implants giving them a softer feel. They also:

  • Last Longer
  • Cost less
  • Have less chance of rippling

Textured Breast Implants provide a stable position after placement in the breast pocket. The slight roughness at the surface adheres to the adjacent tissue restricting implant movement. This feature is critically important to teardrop implants which need to maintain proper alignment for aesthetic improvement. Movement of an anatomic implant will result in an irregular and distorted shape and appearance.

An issue with textured implants is that they leak and ripple more often than smooth implants. The cost is also higher.

Incision Placement

Another important decision you and Dr. Fasching will discuss is the type of incision made for implant placement. The incision approach is best suited for the patient and the type of implant chosen. Here is a close look at each option.

The Peri-areolar Incision traces around the edge of the areola, which is the darker skin around the nipple. The goal here is to minimize scar visibility for aesthetic value. There is also great control over the position of the implant with better accuracy in the placement of the implant.

The Trans-Axillary Incision is in the natural fold of the armpit. It is created to provide a channel from the armpit to the breast, positioning the implant behind the nipple. A disadvantage is that a small percentage of patients may have a higher risk of asymmetry after breast implant positioning. The main advantage is there is no incision in the breast.

The Inframammary Incision follows the natural crease at the bottom of the breast. Dr. Fasching creates a pocket, then slides the breast upward and places it behind the nipple. Any scarring is under the breast covered by the breast fold but is exposed when the breast is stretched tight through normal movements. Clothing like swimsuits and summer wear will hide the scar as well.

A great advantage is accuracy in placement as the pocket is easily accessible and visible.


As you can see, there are decisions to make when planning your breast augmentation procedure. But the great news is you have time! So, to make 2018 the year you attain the breasts you always wanted, and look stunning in your swimsuit and summer wear, call Dr. Fasching today and schedule a consultation. This summer, you’ll be glad you did!

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