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Go Sleeveless with Brachioplasty

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Thu 06/21/2018 - 18:33

With the weather warming up and summer a few weeks away, it’s time to bring out the swimsuits, sundresses and sleeveless tops! While many sun worshippers are eager for this temperature increase, others may feel hesitant about wearing revealing attire and displaying their upper arms.

If you find yourself among the latter, you understand that extra fat and sagging skin on the upper arm are tough to eliminate. Whether aging or weight fluctuation has left you with arms lacking tone, no number of pushups or curls will tighten this sagging, stretched tissue. Instead of covering up the issue this summer, why not find a solution to deliver a sleek and toned upper arm contour?

Arm Lift

Brachioplasty (arm lift) is designed to eliminate excess fat and skin to provide a slim, well-formed upper arm. After removing what many refer to as “bat wings,” your wardrobe selection will expand, and you’ll be able to wear whatever you choose with confidence.

An arm lift is suitable for men and women with sagging skin from their shoulder down to their elbow. The surgery can provide subtle toning and tightening or a more dramatic outcome depending on how much skin Dr. Fasching needs to remove.

Dr. Fasching understands that different patients have different needs when it comes to arm lift surgery. For this reason, he offers multiple levels of this procedure:

An Arm Lift with Minimal Incision

This arm lift is for patients who have a small volume of excess skin to remove from their upper arms. Suitable candidates are fit but want tighter upper arm skin.

First, Dr. Fasching will mark the upper arm where the target tissue exists. Then, after you receive anesthesia, we secure your arms and make an incision on the upper armpit. Dr. Fasching will remove the excess skin from the armpit area and tighten the skin from the upper arm by pulling it back. Lastly, he closes the incision with sutures, surgical tape or body glue.

This out-patient operation lasts approximately one hour, and you go home after a brief observation period. Recovery lasts up to six weeks before you can resume normal activity. Scarring is minimal, hidden in the armpit, and fades over time.

This procedure is not for women with a significant amount of upper arm tissue needing removal. A healthy lifestyle will ensure the excess skin will not return.

Traditional Arm Lift

This procedure is usually done on women and men who have lost significant weight (over 100 lbs.) or have had liposuction that resulted in excessive arm skin.

Dr. Fasching will mark the arms in the target area before placing you under anesthesia. Then we secure your arms before he makes an incision from the armpit down to the elbow. He will secure the loose skin with clamps and remove it. Finally, he will close the incision with sutures and cover it with bandages and a compression sleeve.

This surgery is an outpatient procedure lasting up to two hours. You will go home after an observation period to recover. Recovery lasts up to four weeks when you should be able to return to normal physical activities. A scar will be present along the upper arm from the pit to the elbow but will fade over time. You can ensure results by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Extended Arm Lift

Dr. Fasching performs this surgery for women who have lost significant weight (100 lbs or more) and have sagging skin from the elbow to the upper chest.  For this issue, a traditional arm lift would not remove sufficient tissue for a desirable outcome.

First, Dr. Fasching will mark the arms and upper chest (where he will remove excess skin and tissue). Next, we administer anesthesia and secure your arms. Dr. Fasching will make an incision from the elbow to the upper chest, secure the skin to be removed and cut it away. Lastly, he closes the incision with sutures and dresses the area with bandages.

The surgery may last up to three hours, and you can go home after an observation period. Recovery will last up to six weeks, and you’ll be able to return to normal activities. There will be a scar from your elbow to your upper chest area, but it will gradually fade. Maintaining a healthy diet and committed exercise regimen will ensure your results last.

Arm Liposuction

An excellent option to remove excess fat when the patient has tight skin is liposuction. Because the skin can bounce back to normal shape and tone, removing excess fat will leave a slender, smooth and toned upper arm which will look great in a bathing suit or a sleeveless top.

Dr. Fasching will mark the area for treatment and place you under anesthesia. After making tiny incisions, he will insert a small pen-like device known as a cannula into the fat pad. He will then remove the fat by suction. Lastly, Dr. Fasching will close the incisions with sutures or glue, and place your upper arm in a compression sleeve.

This outpatient procedure will take a couple of hours, with minimal incisions and short recovery. When arm liposuction is possible without reverting to an arm lift, scarring is limited to the small incisions necessary to insert the cannula to remove the fat.

Are You a Suitable Candidates for an Arm Lift?

While some patients deal with fat accumulation, others have excess skin which sags from under the arms (bat wings). Whichever the issue, an upper arm lift will help tone and trim this area for a sleeker upper arm presence.

These issues are an ill-fated effect of genetics, age or extreme weight loss. When weight gain or age stretches the skin, its limited elastic capacity will lead it to swing and sag loosely under the arms. Although dedicated workout routines and the right diet are healthy, no amount of training will help lessen the volume of extra skin.

When to have an Arm Lift

Every patient should consider lifestyle changes as their first remedy to achieve the results they seek before thinking about plastic surgery. However, when diet and exercise fail to deliver the desired results, a consultation with Dr. Fasching will provide the necessary information to make an informed decision. He will closely evaluate your concerns and explain each solution option including what to expect and any possible risks.

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