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Exparel for Post-Operative Pain Control and Tummy Tucks

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Tue 10/18/2016 - 16:42

Beauty is worth the Pain. It’s a classic phrase used to justify the lengths we go to stay beautiful. The best plastic surgery centers know that isn’t necessarily the case; in fact, renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael C. Fasching value making sure that their patients are safe and comfortable at all times. Dr. Fasching believes in using the newest, most innovative techniques in the medical field to ensure his patient don’t have to sacrifice safety and ease for fantastic results. That’s why Dr. Fasching is using the cutting-edge Exparel for tummy tuck post-surgery pain control. Here are a few reasons Exparel is exceptional:


Exparel is one of the newest forms of sophisticated local anesthetics (painkillers); and now, Dr. Fasching is using it for his tummy tuck procedures to give patients the chance for a significantly more comfortable recovery. Exparel is a local anesthetic, meaning it is directly administered during your procedure into the surgical site for a more targeted, precise effect. The beauty of Exparel is that although it requires only a single injection, the results are long-lasting and will work for an extended period during your recovery period.

How Does It Work?

Exparel uses an exciting new technology called DepoFoam for a sustained-release. The Depofoam surrounds the main drug in liposomal particles which then slowly, but constantly releases Exparel in the surgical area, giving you long-lasting pain relief.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy Tucks of a little prolonged recovery period: The first week post-surgery, patients are advised to walk slowly, and not to bend over or lift objects weighing more than 10 pounds. Patients can return to work after two weeks, but strenuous physical activity should not be done for another 4-6 weeks.

What Do Patients Say About Exparel?

Exparel allows patients to recuperate from their tummy tucks in a much faster rate: they can get off their other pain medication sooner and resume their daily activities much earlier than traditional tummy tuck recoveries. It’s much easier to recover with Exparel, now that patients don’t have to deal with clumsy outside apparatuses like a pain pump.


Exparel is an FDA-approved treatment; that means that it went through extensive clinical testing and was considered to be safe as a post-operative analgesic. Exparel is also non-narcotic, so the typical concerns on opioid pain killers are gone.

A stressful recovery period can have drastic effects on your tummy tuck. After all, a successful recovery is key to getting amazing results. Want an amazing tummy tuck you can show off sooner than later? Contact Dr. Fasching now for consultation on the tummy tuck procedure.