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Don’t Neglect These Areas When It Comes to Your Skincare Routine

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Tue 04/02/2019 - 22:10

When considering effective skincare, the face gets most of our attention. We go to great lengths to ensure its adequately cleansed, protected, and hydrated because it’s constantly exposed to elements like the sun, wind, and pollution. However, the face is not the only part of our body which is most vulnerable to outside influences. Our hands, neck and the area exposed at the neckline of our clothing (décolleté) can suffer the same potential damage. For this reason, it’s just as important to care for these areas at least as much as we do for our face.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fasching understands the importance of protecting the skin. He offers the most advanced skin care products in the marketplace to help retain or maintain a youthful skin presence. Today we want to go a step further and provide some tips on how to care for the areas where your skin is most at risk.

Neck and Décolleté

Over the past decade, the neck and décolleté has become an area of concern for many patients looking to firm, lift, and brighten their appearance. Women and men have been giving extra attention to these areas because they are an extension of the face. Treating these areas is not just a focus for the more mature individual, but also the younger generation who wish to slow down the aging process and preserve their radiant skin.

In Europe, this region is often referred to as the “French face” with spas offering specialized skincare treatments for just these areas. Now we see medical spas and skincare professionals recognizing the neck and décolleté as a focal point as well.

Much like the skin on the face, the neck and décolleté are vulnerable to the collective effects of aging: discoloration from sun damage, dryness, laxity, and fine lines. The neck’s skin and underlying tissue are stronger and thicker because they support the head and jawline, but they are not connected to bone structure; therefore, more prone to laxity and the formation of a double chin. The décolleté is composed of different tissue types: fat, glandular, and connective tissue. The bust area has no sinew, bands or muscles for support except for the breast muscles.

In both the neck and décolleté areas, there are fewer oil glands and small amounts of fatty tissue making them more prone to dryness and wrinkles. Hormonal fluctuations with age will also make a difference in tone and texture.

Ideal Products for Young Patients

Younger patients are looking for a preventative solution rather than restoration. This treatment should begin with an optimal moisturizer. We recommend:

SkinCeuticals’ Hydrating B5 Gel

This oil-free serum replenishes moisture and restores brightness for smooth, soft skin texture. It combines vitamin B5 with hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to the skin and its underlying tissue. It can be used by itself or with a daily moisturizer.

Neocutis Hyalis

Formulated with a premium grade hyaluronate, Hyalis acts like a refreshing drink of water for parched skin. The skin will look fuller with the appearance of wrinkles and lines smoothing over as hydration is restored.

Ideal Products for Restoration

Mature patients need a product designed for rejuvenation, lifting, and repair. They should use a product specifically for the characteristics of the neck and décolleté. We recommend:

Micro Firm Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex

A blend of precisely formulated ingredients to fight visible signs of aging in the neck and décolleté area. This complex is packed with moisturizers and antioxidants and has exfoliating properties to promote cell turnover for a bright and softer appearance.

Moreover, it enhances elasticity, boosts collagen levels, and firms’ loose skin at cleavage, collarbone, and neck area. Micro Firm helps accentuate the natural contours of the neck and décolleté by providing a tightening effect on the surface, smooths crepey skin, and lessens the appearance of uneven tone and age spots.

Other Suitable Products

Neck, Chest & Hand Repair

SkinCeuticals offers this product for the forgotten areas of the body which are constantly exposed to the sun. It delivers a dual restoration and brightening action with powerful agents to treat age spots, sun damage and improve texture. Unlike most skincare products, Neck, Chest and Hand Repair is designed for the areas it details in its name.

SkinCeuticals’ Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

A nighttime cream which delivers glycolic acid to stimulate cellular turnover for healthy, radiant skin. Optimal for all skin types to fight the effects of aging and discoloration.

SkinCeuticals’ Discoloration Defense

Suitable for all skin types to correct visible skin discoloration and help restore bright, even-toned skin appearance.

Neocutis’ Body Care

Skin cream which helps nourish, energize, and stimulate healthy skin through an exfoliating salicylic acid and nourishing ceramides. It will improve firmness and brightness, restore the moisture barrier, minimize water loss, and resolve bumpy, rough skin texture.

Nouvelle Plus Retinol Correction Cream

Award-winning skincare product designed to tackle the effects of aging. Nightly use will help diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and photo-aging, enhance smoothness and firmness, and promote a radiant and bright skin presence.

Resveratrol B E

Combines resveratrol with baicalin and vitamin E to produce an antioxidant cocktail which neutralizes free radicals, supports your skin’s natural defenses and exposes the skin’s visible firmness and radiance. It’s ideal for all skin types and is fragrance-free.

Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50

A transparent sunscreen which combines optimal ingredients to boost your skin’s natural defenses to ultraviolet rays and heat-induced stress. Although one of the best sunscreens for the face, it will equally protect the neck and décolleté areas. The product will spread easily and dry quickly without residue.

The Hands

Many consider their hands as a bridge between them and the rest of the world. We shake hands as a form of greeting, we express affection and love with the touch of our hands, and they soothe sadness and illness with a compassionate hand. Some people even communicate with their hands as well. However you use them; your hands will spend much of the time in the spotlight.

One problem with maintaining youthful hands is they are essential tools for complex jobs or lowly tasks; they work endlessly throughout the day, and because they are so active, our parents would tell us to wash them regularly. In an average day, your hands are exposed to dirt, germs, the sun, and harsh substances and cleaning agents. This can cause them to wrinkle, crack, and lose moisture more than any other part of our body.

If left unattended, your hands’ skin could need medical help. Taking care of your hands need not be a major chore if you develop a daily routine to give them a helping hand.

Washing Your Hands Correctly

We were told by our parents to keep our hands clean. This is good advice for hygiene and to protect our hands from unwanted germs and bacteria. But we should wash our hands correctly if we want them to look young and vibrant. Avoid harsh soaps which dry out the skin. We recommend soaps like Dove, Oil of Olay, or Neutrogena Basis for daily cleansing. Antibacterial soaps may kill good bacteria which protects your hands from harmful bacteria.

When washing, don’t scrub, but wash gently and pat dry with a clean towel or tissue; don’t rub.


The skin on your hands is no different than the skin on your face, it needs moisture to stay soft and smooth. An excellent moisturizing cream will help hold water to the outer layer of skin and form a protective shield. Although water-based products will bring water to the surface initially, this moisture tends to evaporate leaving your hands to dry quickly. There are two products we recommend ensuring proper cleansing and moisturizing:

Simply Clean

This SkinCeuticals product is a powerful cleanser with amino acid, sulfonic acid, glycerin, chamomile, and aloe extracts to gently clean and exfoliates rough skin. The unique gel efficiently removes grime and dirt leaving the skin prime for in-home moisturizing care.

It gently exfoliates dead cells to reveal softer, smoother skin, is ideal for daily use, alcohol-free, and suitable for all skin types.

Daily Moisture

Another SkinCeuticals product, Daily Moisture is suitable for all skin types to nourish and moisturize skin exposed to the elements. It restores and maintains water, protects skin from the elements, and leaves it with a smooth finish.

Hand in Glove

Royalty may have it right when wearing gloves outside the palace but let’s not get carried away. When we are in the garden, handling tools, or using strong chemicals, we should be wearing the appropriate handwear. Drugstores are excellent sources for inexpensive gloves to use around the house or office daily. Buy them in volume to make sure you have them handy for those times they are necessary.

Also, when it’s cold outside, make sure you keep your hands warm with winter gloves. Wearing them will not only keep your hands warmer but help retain moisture in the less humid temperatures. And while we’re talking about climate, make sure your hands are protected when out in the sun, summer or winter. A good sunscreen is essential to keep those hands young and soft. We suggest:

Neocutis Defense Cream 

Defense Cream delivers a broad-spectrum SPF 43 protection and an 80-minute water-resistance to help avert the loss of collagen, elastin, and hyperpigmentation caused by overexposure to the sun. It consists of a non-whitening agent, is lightweight, and spreads easily to protect your hands from the sun for the entire day.

SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 30

Formulated especially for dehydrated skin, this sunscreen combines broad-spectrum sun protection and barrier repair and provide essential proteins responsible for the skin’s barrier integrity. This all-physical protection provides photoprotection by promoting the skin’s resistance and defense against powerful UV rays and heat stress. Fragrant free.


When we think of proper skincare, we must include those parts of the body which are most vulnerable to the elements. The hands, neck and decollate are not only exposed to our environment, but they are also the most visible parts of our body along with the face. Protecting them should be at the forefront of our in-home care, and we should incorporate medical-grade products to ensure proper protection and nourishment.

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