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Chin Augmentation or Rhinoplasty: Which Will Enhance Your Beauty the Best?

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Fri 12/13/2019 - 08:00

The most dominant influence on facial beauty is symmetry. Having an excellent balance between your facial features is crucial to allow your natural attractiveness to thrive. The more balance there is between facial features, the more attractive the face is, in men and women alike.  It’s why so many of our patients come to Dr. Fasching to correct a part of the face that needs adjustment in size, shape, or projection. 

Though some imbalance between the facial features may be acceptable, significant asymmetry may cause distress and create low self-esteem. There is no measure as to what may or may not be acceptable; it is the patient’s assessment that matters, not what others may think or see. 

When there is a cosmetic concern with one part of the face to the point you may consider a cosmetic correction, you must realize that changing the appearance of one feature will influence others. This article will discuss the relationship between the nose and the chin, and when to treat one, the other, or both.

How Balanced Are Your Facial Features?

There are two simple ways to determine facial balance, based on major aesthetic principles. You can use a frontal photo of yourself to test out these principles.

The Rule of Fifths

With this test, you draw five vertical lines down a photo of your face. Each section should be roughly the width of one eye. The breadth of the base of your nose should be equal to the distance between the eyes.

The Rule of Thirds

This rule states that facial harmony should fall into three horizontal sections of equal size. Gauge the first third from your hairline to your eyebrows. The middle third starts above your brow line and ends at the base of your nose, while the third is from the bottom of your nose to the tip of the chin. 

If you see any significant size disparities, your face may be out of balance.

How Changing the Nose will Affect the Chin and Vise-Versa

The dominant structures of a facial profile are the nose and the chin. It’s why plastic surgeons make thorough evaluations of facial anatomy before devising a plan that will enhance their patient’s facial beauty. If nose surgery is necessary for either aesthetics or functionality, it may affect the patient’s profile or heavily influence visual awareness of the chin. Consider that the nose is at the center of the human face, the sole feature that projects from the cheeks, jaw, and forehead to add definition and dimension. From the side, the nose sets the tone for how the rest of the facial features fit together. 

With this critical positioning, the nose can add or diminish facial harmony for any man or woman. When the nose is too large or small, straight or crooked, flat or hooked, the entire facial picture will change. Altering the nose with rhinoplasty can help other facial features get noticed if harmony and balance are achieved. Working with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fasching in Minneapolis, you can begin to start the process of attaining the facial balance you have been dreaming about for some time. 

A smallish nose can make the chin stand out, and conversely, a weak chin may exaggerate the size of the nose. If you are not sure as to which of these two features you should treat to enhance your facial appearance, it’s best to understand this relationship between the two. Dr. Fasching will examine your unique facial structure to determine the best aesthetic procedure necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

The Facts About Plastic Surgery

When patients consider aesthetic correction for facial asymmetry, they should understand that plastic surgery is not a cookie-cutter solution for cosmetic concerns. Nose surgery, whether for aesthetics or functional improvement, is a complicated surgery that makes multiple alterations to the nose structure and can have a significant influence on the face as a whole.  Chin augmentation, on the other hand, is a more straightforward procedure that can have fantastic results for patients who need to increase chin projection. The best course of action is to work with your surgeon to develop a plan that will ensure the results you want. 

Other facial features to consider for improvement are the brow, forehead, and cheek area, as well as the lips and area around the mouth. Combining different procedures may be more common than you think, and can give patients truly transformative, astounding results.

When Nose Surgery is the Best Option

Because the nose is the central feature on your face, it will draw the most attention when something is wrong with it. When your nose is the problem, then nose surgery is the best option. Dr. Fasching will assess its relationship with your other facial features to make sure your nose is the lone issue to correct and create a surgical plan accordingly. 

Rhinoplasty is one of the more popular plastic surgeries in the United States. It can increase or decrease the size of the nose, change its projection, resolve a bulbous tip, or eliminate a hump. It can also ensure free nasal passages for unrestricted breathing. If aesthetics is the only concern with how your nose looks, chin implants could alter any exaggeration in size with your nose. But if functionality is a problem, then nose surgery must be part of your plan.

When Chin Augmentation is the Best Option

When a weak chin is an aesthetic issue, a chin implant is an excellent option, especially if there is no structural issue, cosmetic or functional, with the nose. Although nose surgery can make your chin appear more prominent by reducing nose size and projection, if your chin is the problem, an implant is the best way to gain facial balance. The procedure is straightforward, with excellent results and minimal downtime. 

Because rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that requires extensive recovery and downtime, Dr. Fasching will only suggest it for cosmetic improvement when there is no other choice. For his patients’ comfort, he will choose the least invasive procedure to achieve the best result possible.

When Both Procedures Are Best

Some of our patients can benefit from aesthetic alterations to both the nose and the chin. Most commonly, a rhinoplasty to reduce the size or change the shape of the nose is combined with a chin implant to give a more striking profile. The main benefit of undergoing two surgical procedures at once is to save time and money. If you meet with Dr. Fasching and you decide that both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation will give you the results you want, it may be wise to combine the procedures in a single operation to save on medical expenses like anesthesia and facility costs and give yourself only one recovery period.

Long-Lasting Results

Some of our patients choose to use facial fillers to enhance the projection of the chin or reshape the nose.  While this is a fantastic option for those who are not yet ready or able to undergo surgery, this is not a permanent solution.  Although facial fillers can give temporary improvements to nose and chin contours, the surgical alterations have a more permanent outcome. 

The proportion of the nose, chin, and neck are connected. If the surgeon corrects the nose but doesn’t address other facial features at the same time, then the face may look out of balance. A surgical approach can give you results that will last for years.

Also, while rhinoplasty is the more involved procedure, inserting an implant and fixing it to the chin is relatively simple. So, to achieve optimal results and minimize the time spent in the operating room, its best to get both surgeries at once.

Strengthening Your Profile

Your facial profile is the main factor in facial beauty. The shape and angle of the chin and nose as they relate to each other will determine how visually-pleasing your profile will be. In some patients, the nose projects out significantly, more than it should in comparison to the chin. Patients may look at this imbalance and determine that nose surgery is the best way to go, but the chin may be just as responsible. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty without considering the nose’s relationship to the chin may not achieve the facial symmetry that they’re after, but rather shift the imbalance from one feature to the other, and may even exaggerate the problem. As nose surgery refines the nose, a chin implant can enhance the jawline and neck resulting in a balanced, aesthetically-pleasing profile.

See the Difference 

To get a better idea of how rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can influence facial beauty by delivering a balanced facial appearance and profile, check out our gallery of before and after photos to see the results of our previous patients. 

            Rhinoplasty Gallery                 Facial Implants Gallery

Other Procedures to Consider

Although facial structures can have an impact on our facial appearance, the aging process may also cause problems and concerns. When underlying tissue repositions causing unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, and folds, Dr. Fasching offers other cosmetic procedures to fight the consequences of time and help you age with beauty and grace. Procedures that combine well with a rhinoplasty or chin implant (or both) include:

You can combine these procedures with rhinoplasty or chin augmentation or use them for touch-up treatment to maintain facial beauty.

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