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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Submitted by Dr. Fasching on Wed 11/23/2016 - 17:22

It’s tough to predict how long your recovery from breast augmentation is going to take. Although it usually takes a week until a patient can return to work, it really all depends on things like what kind of procedure you undergo, what kind of incisions you have, and how well your body heals. In the meantime, here’s a few things you can do to make your recovery a little easier.

Move It!

Move anything important, or anything you regularly use to a place that you can easily reach it. You’re not going to be able to reach anything on a top shelf for a while!

Stock Up

Going on a shopping expedition in the middle of your recovery is going to be real nightmare, so it’s best that you stock up on supplies before your surgery. Buy lots of easy-to-prepare food and microwaveable meals. Stock up foods and drinks that can help settle your stomach, like Jell-O or ginger ale. The most important thing is ice packs— lot and lots of ice packs. Packs of frozen food like peas and fruits can be helpful as well. These things are going to be real life savers when your breasts get really sore.

Dress for Success

While you’re recovering from a breast augmentation, you absolutely need tops that open and close from the front. Imagine trying to pull a shirt over your head while your incisions are still fresh—ouch! Make sure those shirts are nice, loose, and comfortable too.

Protect Your Nips

One strange side effect of breast augmentation is sensitive nipples, so if you’re experiencing constant discomfort, it might be good to get some soft nursing pads which can be tucked into your bra.

Back to Back

For obvious reasons, make sure that you can sleep on your back. While you sleep, you can prop yourself up on pillows or buy an incline pillow for an easy upright naptime.

Put Lotion on the Skin

Your skin can get super dry because a breast augmentation procedure stretches it out, so buy a gentle lotion that you can rub on dry areas after a shower. Make sure to avoid getting any lotion on your incisions!

No Baths

As good as a nice dip in the hot tub might sound, you should wait until your incisions are completely closed before submerging them. That means no baths, hot tubs or swimming pools.

Buy the Best Bras

You will probably be given a kind of support bra to wear after your procedure, and it’s important to follow your surgeon’s directions for wearing it. Since you really should avoid bras with underwire while you’re recovering, some good substitute bras to invest in are comfortable, soft bralettes.

These are great tips, but before we get ahead of ourselves, you need a consultation with a fantastic plastic surgeon like Dr. Fasching that can take great care of you. Contact his offices now, for a consultation.